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COE Bone Scholars

#EdBirds named Bone Scholars for 2020-21

The College of Education is proud to have two students named Bone Scholars for the 2020–2021 school year.

Ashley Tauber feeding a baby wren

#RedbirdScholar students use grants to spend summer researching

This summer, 27 students received the new Undergraduate Research Support Program grant provided by the Office of Student Research. To honor the inaugural summer of the grant, we have featured five student researchers and their projects.

Cassidy Kraimer

Incoming Stevenson Center Fellow: Cassidy Kraimer

“Through my time at school and at HomeStart, it became obvious that understanding policy, power structures, government, and advocacy are all critical parts of supporting affordable housing development,” noted Cassidy Kraimer. The Stevenson Center will soon welcome Kraimer as a Fellow in political science.

Milner Library's north side

Milner Library’s physical building opening August 16

Milner Library’s physical building will reopen for Illinois State University students, faculty, staff, and retirees beginning Sunday, August 16.

‘Black dwarf supernova’: ISU physicist calculates when the last supernova ever will happen

Punctuating the darkness at the end of the universe could be silent fireworks—explosions of the remnants of stars that were never supposed to explode. 

Natasha Moodie

Incoming Stevenson Center Fellow: Natasha Moodie

“I decided to pursue graduate school because my work in education felt reactive, not proactive,” said Natasha Moodie. The Stevenson Center will soon welcome Moodie as an Applied Community and Economic Development Fellow in sociology.

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